Looking for fresher air in your car?

Take our air-con treatments at SPARK Car Care, the leading one-stop automotive solution providers. Bid farewell to dust, airborne pollutants, bacteria and foul odours. With regular treatments, get to feel a constant freshness in the air.


Our Air-Con Treatments

1. Air-Con Evaporator Cleaning
A thorough cleaning process to remove mould, bacteria and odour from the evaporator.


2. Anti- Bacteria Treatment
A highly effective disinfectant is used to eradicate all viruses and bacteria in the air.


3. Cabin Air-Con Filter Replacement
A high filter which contains an anti-bacteria reagent that inhibits the growth of fungi, mould and bacteria on the filter media. It also captures airborne allergens effectively in the car. 

Prices include 7% GST.

(This service require 2 hours downtime)