ThreeBond Premium Glass Coating

ThreeBond Premium Glass Coating is our luxury grooming service that is made up of silane-based product that forms a water-repellent coating film that bonds together with your vehicle paintwork to provide longer lasting shine and protection to the car's paintwork.

This grooming and polishing service is hugely popular among our customers, and many of them find themselves coming back for this grooming/polish treatment.

Come down to try this ThreeBond Premium Glass Coating and be ready to be a head turner on the road!

This grooming service is available at our Braddell, Loyang and Ubi branch.


•  Protect car's paintwork: Helps to preserve and enhance the shine of the paintwork and mitigate paint discolouration caused by ultraviolet rays
•  Stain resistance: Strong protective layer that is resistant to stains such as bird droppings and liquid stains
•  Easy maintenance: Simply wash and wipe
•  Long durability: Lasting up for years with proper maintenance
•  High water repellence: Water beads will roll off easily bring away dirt from car surface due to strong hydrophobic effect

ThreeBond Premium Glass Coating